Tuesday, September 21, 2021 is World Alzheimer’s Day

One of the most discouraging facts of practicing Elder Law is confronting Alzheimer’s Disease. Contrary to the belief of some, there is no drug that will cure Alzheimer's. Although many families purchase drugs for their loved one, they are of limited value.

All drugs currently on the market have been shown to slow the progression of the disease, but they do not cure it and the senior will eventually develop the disease. However, several drugs are currently in the pipeline for testing. An article attached to his post (published by my spouse in 2019-2020) surveys those drugs that currently show some promise.

There are also several prospects for early detection of the disease so a senior may consult with an elder law attorney and their physician to make appropriate plans.

Feel free to read the attached article in its entirety. Should you have any questions or concerns then add them as a comment and I will try to find answers.

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